Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Pressure Is On ...

These are photographs of some of the thumbnails I have drawn for the welcome page.

Once I took my photographs and put them on the computer I used them to help produce computer generated layouts on In Design.
These are print screens of how I placed the text on top of my thumbnails.

And this is what they look like without the photograph in the background.

This is an idea for my front cover ...

I am really pleased with how this turned out and I really like the shark idea, I might change the positioning of the text so that it doesn't overlap with the 'n'.
But I like how I've done the title.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Amnesty International Continued

After the feedback session I decided to change the headscarf and make her look more sad.
I added a tear so she looked like she was crying and I made the headscarf light to dark (gradient).
After changing the headscarf colour I also changed the shadow in the clothes from a block colour to a gradient to add more depth.

 After the group feedback session I also decided to continue the rock idea by using rocks to write '50'.
I gathered some little rocks out of my garden and placed them in the shape of 50 then photographed them and illustrated it.

 I then put it all together and added the text 'years of protecting human rights' but it's not the right text on the brief.

 So I re-did it with the right text but stretched it out a bit so it looked more like the amnesty international logo typeface.

 The text looked a bit too cramped so I made it slightly wider ... But then it looked like it did to begin with.

I finally changed the text so that it looked a bit more like the typeface on the logo.
I saved my illustrator file as a JPEG and inserted it into photoshop to put the logo on (so that I could invert the colour and delete the background).
I am going to use this as my final piece as I am very happy with how it turned out.
The only criticism I have been given about it is the fact that her legs aren't showing but I don't have enough time to change that. If I had more time or re-did the project I would add legs/calves and possibly shadow.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


This doesn't necessarily use interesting letter forms, but I found the sign funny.

While stuck on the motorway I noticed a 'T' in the steamed window. I like the fact that the car lights are 'blurred'.





I like how the label on this bottle is torn and only part of the writing is visible.

I love the look of the strongbow glass and how even though glass is transparent and writing still stands out.





This is a sign in the pub Walkabout ... I like that it's bold but informal.









Various letters.





This is the poster on the bin in the baseroom.

Rubber letters.

I love this photograph ... The backward letters and the items in the background.


Either 'Y' or a 'W'





I found this sign interesting so took a photograph of it. I don't know whether I'd use it in my movie but I like the sign.