Thursday, 24 November 2011

Amnesty International

My latest project is to create a poster for Amnesty International (50 years).
My first idea was to do celebrate the fact it has been going for 50 years but after a lot of research I realised most the existing posters were 'hard hitting'.
I wanted to make a collage that showed all the different areas Amnesty International covered. I started researching issues like child slavery and child soldiers to begin with and decided to start my collage off with that idea.

I added more rocks to show depth.

This is what the poster looks like (A3, with image at the bottom) ... The girl was originally smaller than this but I decided to make her bigger because she looked too small and the rocks would have been over-powering.
After getting feedback I decided not to add any more to the poster as it'd look too crowded. Instead I am going to use the blank space at the top to put my text.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

'Zine' Part Two

Part two of the module is to produce a front cover and double page spread for the student zine 'Horizon'.
The double page spread part of this project seems easier than the first as the words were given to us.
I decided to try doing it straight on the computer so that I could move the text around on screen.

This was my first attempt but I thought it was a bit boring.
After getting feedback I realised that the body copy was too big at 12pt and that changing the size would create a lot of extra space.

I decided to make it look a bit more 'funky' so that it'd appeal to the student audience.
After a bit of tweaking and help I came up with this layout. I used the same typeface that Terry Jones uses as I really like his style.
I also added a few of my own photographs from uni nights out to make it more relate-able.


Our first brief for this module was to create a black and white double page spread with 250 words on about the Black Country.
I knew exactly what topic I was going to do as soon as I read the brief but I found the thumbnails extremely hard as I'd never done typography before but after a lot of research, books, and nagging tutors I finally started to feel comfortable and confident enough to produce something.
 My research was quite simple but that was all I felt I needed as my article was about what I personally thought about food in Wolverhampton.

This is my research page ... It contains menus and written information/personal opinions.

 This is my first layout page, I am not happy with this as I didn't know how to do thumbnail sketches so I just did some rough sketches of how the pages could look (like a menu).

I then had the idea of including illustrations and turning the layout into a V.S battle.

I decided it'd be easier to write my 250 words then do the designs because then I'd know how many paragraphs I had and how much text was in each.
My 250 words are:

Good Pub Grub

Don’t want to break the bank?
If you’re visiting Wolverhampton city centre for the first time, you’ll probably be bamboozled by the amount of places there are to eat. As a local and a student I have become aware of the places that I think are good value for money.

Hogshead is ideally located close to the university, but unlike the other pubs in close proximity, such as The Varsity and Royal London, Hogshead has a much less ‘studenty’ feel, which is not at all to it’s disadvantage. Lunchtime is packed full of people on work lunch breaks or watching the sport on the wide screen TVs benefiting from great value food and drinks. In addition to the already low cost food the menu boasts many offers, such as two main meals for £6.95, two for one on desserts and even drinks included in some prices. The best thing about it, Hogshead has embraced the student population and has introduced a student card, available for £2, but it only features seven offers that are mainly for drinks.

Unlike Hogshead, Walkabout has a buzzing student environment, playing music and big sports matches by day, turning into a club by night. Unfortunately it’s located way out near the bus depot, which is not very close to the university. Luckily, this is its only downside. Walkabout features a branch-wide ‘Boomerang Card’ offering a discount of 20% off the whole menu. The card is available to the general public for only £3 a year, a real bargain considering the food is originally great value for money so you can enjoy a quality lunch for very low prices.

I tried a scrabble board effect by linking the text but then noticed that Good Pub Grub and Wolverhampton both have 13 characters. I want to try and link the headings but with the text disappearing into a line.
If I do this I will need to manipulate the letters as they are all different widths ... Won't line up as well as hand drawn.

 Terry Jones, I-D Magazine, 1st August 1981.

Terry Jones, I-D Magazine, 30th June 2011.

Terry Jones, I-D Magazine, 30th June 2011.
I really like Terry Jones' work ... It is very punk and random. He uses a lot of typefaces and has work almost looks collaged (ripped up photos and placed cut out text).