Tuesday, 15 November 2011

'Zine' Part Two

Part two of the module is to produce a front cover and double page spread for the student zine 'Horizon'.
The double page spread part of this project seems easier than the first as the words were given to us.
I decided to try doing it straight on the computer so that I could move the text around on screen.

This was my first attempt but I thought it was a bit boring.
After getting feedback I realised that the body copy was too big at 12pt and that changing the size would create a lot of extra space.

I decided to make it look a bit more 'funky' so that it'd appeal to the student audience.
After a bit of tweaking and help I came up with this layout. I used the same typeface that Terry Jones uses as I really like his style.
I also added a few of my own photographs from uni nights out to make it more relate-able.

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