Thursday, 24 November 2011

Amnesty International

My latest project is to create a poster for Amnesty International (50 years).
My first idea was to do celebrate the fact it has been going for 50 years but after a lot of research I realised most the existing posters were 'hard hitting'.
I wanted to make a collage that showed all the different areas Amnesty International covered. I started researching issues like child slavery and child soldiers to begin with and decided to start my collage off with that idea.

I added more rocks to show depth.

This is what the poster looks like (A3, with image at the bottom) ... The girl was originally smaller than this but I decided to make her bigger because she looked too small and the rocks would have been over-powering.
After getting feedback I decided not to add any more to the poster as it'd look too crowded. Instead I am going to use the blank space at the top to put my text.

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